Read our new report detailing solutions to the housing crisis in Los Angeles County

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In 2018, Eastside LEADS co-founded the Unincorporated Tenants United coalition along with other housing justice advocates from throughout Los Angeles County. Unincorporated Tenants United exists to fight for the rights of Angelinos to remain in their homes and to stop more families from falling into homelessness by advocating for rent stabilization, just eviction protections and guaranteed right to counsel. Our advocacy efforts led to the County Board of Supervisors enacting a temporary rent freeze for unincorporated areas of LA County. Now, we need the Board of Supervisors to take the final step and make rent stabilization a permanent ordinance.

On June 10, 2019 - Public Counsel and the UCLA School of Law Community Economic Development Clinic in partnership with Eastside LEADS and Unincorporated Tenants United published Priced Out, Pushed out, Locked Out, a new report detailing the depth of the housing crisis in Los Angeles County. This report also details many policies that if implemented along with rent control, will ensure that people are not displaced from their homes and would prevent more families from falling into homelessness.

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